Towards a Rigorous Evaluation of XAI Methods on Time Series


Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) methods are typically deployed to explain and debug black-box machine learning models. However, most proposed XAI methods are black-boxes themselves and designed for images. Thus, they rely on visual interpretability to evaluate and prove explanations. In this work, we apply XAI methods previously used in the image and text-domain on time series. We present a methodology to test and evaluate various XAI methods on time series by introducing new verification techniques to incorporate the temporal dimension. We further conduct preliminary experiments to assess the quality of selected XAI method explanations with various verification methods on a range of datasets and inspecting quality metrics on it. We demonstrate that in our initial experiments, SHAP works robust for all models, but others like DeepLIFT, LRP, and Saliency Maps work better with specific architectures.

Proc. of ICCV Workshop on Interpreting and Explaining Visual Artificial Intelligence Models